Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Conversation With Bill Palmer And Felecia Ford, From The Band "Hundred Year Flood."

Hundred Year Flood is a band that got its start in Austin Texas, and is now making Santa Fe New Mexico their home-base. Bill Palmer, Felecia Ford, Jim Palmer and Kendra Lauman are not only a band, they are a family.

Hundred Year Flood represents the new music business model, powered by the internet, powered by protools, powered by social networking. MySpace and FaceBook are allowing the band to reach places that would not have been possible with the traditional touring paradigm. And it allows them to be the gate keepers for their music, their creativity, and fruits of their of their labor.

Bill Palmer, has a keen eye for where the recording industry is headed. He is part of the recording revolution that is allowing small and medium sized recording studios to thrive. Bill is an engineer and producer for Frogville Records, and he has a relaxed approach to recording that emphasizes creativity.

Felecia Ford, besides being a vocal powerhouse in the band, is the community manager, if you will, maintaining relationships with the band’s many fans through their MySpace presence, and other social networking platforms. In this month's video podcast, I joined Bill and Felecia at Frogville Records Studio in Santa Fe to learn more about the band, and more about how they are leading the charge into a new world of music production and distribution.

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