Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Making a Custom Motorcyle Seat - Peckhammer's Video Podcast

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My latest video podcast answers the question, "Why do stock motorcycle seats kick your ass?" I document Rich O'Connor's transformation of my stock BMW R1200R seat into a comfortable masterpiece.

The biggest problem with stock seats is that they are supposed to fit riders who are 5’2” tall as well riders who are 6’4” tall. And they supposed to be comfortable for someone who weighs 120 lbs and for someone who weighs 240 lbs.

Rich explained, "Imagine making a pair of pants that is supposed to fit someone between 5’2” and 6’4”; they would fit absolutely no one."

Rich O'Connor started working in the upholstery business in 1973. Why upholstery? "It's all I know," he claims. He got his first job in the business at age 15. He has successfully combined his love of motorcycles, cars and leather into an incredible operation located on Aurora Avenue North in Seattle. Rich's Web site is www.richscustomseats.com.

Watch the video and you are guaranteed to learn more than you ever thought possible about motorcycle seats. Enjoy!