Monday, March 15, 2010

Managing Team Ride West

This month's webisode is about how Dave Preston created one of the coolest jobs that only he seems to be able to fill.

Dave Preston is a retired English teacher who has managed to create his own dream job in the motorcycle industry. He spends his entire day talking about motorcycles, writing about motorcycles, and of course, riding motorcycles. He even has a BMW K1300S currently assigned to him, a bike that costs more than any car he's ever owned.

What does Dave do besides play all day? He manages Team Ride West, which is best described as a series of motorcycle clubs, events and seminars that use the dealership as their hub. Dave takes care of all club business, organizing and leading group rides to ensure that that everyone has a good time. The benefits of this approach are that Dave has built a terrific group of friends that he gets to ride with, and Ride West BMW has a steady stream of motorcyclists coming through their doors.