Saturday, May 03, 2008

Part One: The Moped Aesthetic

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Mopeds were popular in the '70s because America was in the midst of a gas crisis. Thirty-something years later, they are coming into vogue again, but for different reasons.

Mopeds represent both independence and community. That may sound like a paradox, but it's not. A moped rider has to be self-reliant. You don’t take your vintage ride to a repair shop; you fix it yourself. Mopeds may not require a motorcycle endorsement, registation or insurance either. This empowers people who might not otherwise be able to drive, or ride.

Community? The resurgence in moped interest has been powered by social networking, by community, by the internet. In part one of this video podcast, I speak with Seth Bedwell of Seattle's Mosquito Fleet to learn more about this resurgence, and the moped aesthetic.

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