Friday, January 22, 2010

Hips, Grips, Bars, Risers and Seats

I usually pick the show topics that we do, but my partner in crime decided she wanted to have a go at it. She's part of the growing demographic of female riders, and she spends time on a variety of street bikes and off-road motorcycles. The one thing that seems apparent about the bikes she has ridden, is that they weren't designed with a woman in mind.

Some manufacturers have made attempts at appealing to female riders, but these attempts have typically involved the color pink. Juliette finds this approach insulting. It's not about the color, Stupid!

Juliette's idea is simple: Her shape, her size, and the amount of weight she is willing to toss around is not the same as the average guy. Being able to comfortably reach the controls or place both feet on the ground at a stop light are small favors to ask. Options like these are not always available from the manufacturers themselves. Thus, you have to know what adaptations can improve control and inspire confidence -- and you have to know where to find them.

To find out what modifications can be done to make a bike “fit” better, we headed over to Moto International, in Seattle, to speak with friend and fellow rider Dave Richardson. Dave demonstrates a variety of changes that can be made to make a motorcycle comfortable for women and others who may be smaller in stature.

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