Friday, June 05, 2009

Jack Reynolds: Blazing New Trails in the Motorcycle Rental Landscape

Jack Reynolds and are blazing a new trail in the motorcycle rental business, renting high-end adventure touring bikes, sport-bikes and unique motorcycles -- dropped off and picked up at your doorstep.

Why Rent? Let's be honest with ourselves. We all love riding, but how much do we ride each year? Not "how much do we want to ride," but how much do we really ride? The average American rider puts 2000 moto miles on the clock each year. When we consider how much money we've got locked up in a motorcycle that may spend most of its time bench-racing with the lawn mower, it's probably not the best return on our investment.

I don't know about you, but we’re working all the time, and when we finally get a day off, it takes a few hours to get to roads that are curvaceous enough to actually enjoy. Despite the fact that we've got $30,000 worth of motorcycles in the garage, our best moto-experiences happen when we fly down to California to rent awesome motorcycles, and ride on awesome roads. That's where we met up Jack Reynolds, who has a cutting edge approach to renting motorcycles.

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