Sunday, February 08, 2009

Alisa Hensley-Lane, Stunt Professional

Alisa Hensley-Lane’s resume includes firearms, fencing, martial arts, horsemanship, swimming, wirework and dirt bike riding. She is a Hollywood stuntwomen at the top of her game. Alisa is a 2nd Degree Black Belt whose wonderfully choreographed martial arts scenes range from movies such as “Charlie’s Angels 2, Full Throttle,” to NBC’s comedy action series, “Chuck.”

When she’s not working as a stunt double for Nicole Kidman or Yvonne Strahovski, you may find her enjoying a relaxing day of motocross racing. Dirt bikes are both a family activity, and part of the training regiment for this V10 Womens Stunt Professional. Girl Wonder interviewed Alisa at Los Angeles County Raceway, during an event sponsored by the Hollywood stunt and film community.


LumpyCam said...

Great interview. Thanks for putting in all the work to film, edit, and share.

Gabriel the Marine said...

Hey David,

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David Aldrich said...


Thanks for the thumbs up! We have so much fun doing what we do that it doesn't feel like work. If I could only say that about my day-job... ;)

David Aldrich said...


I like the idea. I've listened to the song and it's very cool. I'd just need to find the right vid for it to work in.

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