Monday, September 01, 2008

Randy Smith, The BMW R75/5 Bonneville Racer

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"We had an internet film crew that found us waiting in line the first day. They seemed interested in our project and followed us for a couple of days. I think they put together a video that shares my Bonneville experience pretty well."   Randy Smith, 2008

This year marks the 60th annual Speedweek, hosted on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats. Speed demons come from all over the world to see the salt flats, to set world speed records, and to take part in one of the last refuges of grassroots racing. At Bonneville, it’s you and your machine, racing upon a vast plain of white salt.

Randy Smith made the 1500 mile journey from Southern Illinois to race at Bonneville Speedway. Randy is the fastest man in the 750cc push rod class, setting a world speed record on his 1970, partially streamlined BMW R/75. Last year he posted a top record speed of 120.357 mph – and now he’s back to top his personal best. Randy set a new speed record, and he shares his Bonneville experience in this video podcast.


Darrell Kirk said...

Great show! Didn't know about the impound of bikes after the first run. Really did seem like the last great place for grass roots racing.

David Aldrich said...

Thanks for the feedback on the show. The great thing about making our show is that we speak with subject matter experts all the time, and learn new things.

I was surprised to learn that they take the heads off and measure the stroke and bore. That's easy on an airhead such as Randy's BMW. It's not so easy on an inline-four that has lots of frame and fairing around it. For hard to disasemble motors, they use a fluid method whereby the cylinder is filled and the volume measured. It's not quite as accurate as calipers on an open cylinder, but close enough for the rules.