Sunday, February 24, 2008

BMW R1200R: Windshield Basics

[Slow Connection? Click to view the YouTube version.]

This month's video podcast is about chosing the right windshield for your bike. I explain the basic ideas behind windshield dimensions, the proper shape and angle, how these attributes direct airflow and how they affect your comfort. I then install a Cee Bailey's 18" windshield on my BMW R1200R. Please be sure to see my other BMW R1200R videos too.

I am currently trying out, which is a video sharing service that has a great interface. provides content creators with free hosting, support for a variety of video formats, distribution using technologies like RSS and an opt-in advertising program with a 50/50 revenue share.'s video playback quality is superior to the ubiquitous YouTube, but it may come at the cost of slower buffering. I discovered that it's better to let the whole video buffer before trying play it if you aren't on a really fast connection. If you find it too slow, you can view the video on YouTube.

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