Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dave Terrell's Day in the Dirt

A Day In The Dirt is an Annual Motocross Event held on Thanksgiving weekend. It’s hosted by the Hollywood Stunt and Film Community, and it brings together people from the entertainment industry: actors, directors, stunt professionals and crew – as well as Motocross and Supercross champions, both past and present -- for three days of racing, reminiscing and good times. In its 11th year, A Day In The Dirt has become a modern classic. It has done so by capturing the spirit of the great Grand Prix races of the past.

Some of the racers are here just to have fun, while others are fiercely competitive. And then there’s Dave Terrell, who adds a layer of complexity to the vintage Grand Prix by wresting 600 lbs of German war machine around the track, in the spirit of “The Great Escape.”

You’ll probably never see Dave Terrell riding at the X-Games, or taking huge jumps like a freestyle motocrosser. You will see him at “A Day in the Dirt,” and I spoke with him about his rather unusual choice of motorcycle for the Vintage Grand Prix, a 1938 BMW 750.

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